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Jewelry Size Guide

"Find your Perfect Bracelet size"



Measure your Bracelet



Wrap a tape measure tightly around where your wrist is broadest and add 1-centimeter (cm) to the measurement.

Next, find the closest bracelet size. 









Use with a maximum of 5–8 charms depending on the size of the bracelets


  • The most popular bracelet size for Adults is 15+extended 2 cm.

  • A bracelet is perfectly sized when you measure your wrist tightly and add 2 cm.

  • You can also measure a bracelet you already have. You should measure end-to-end, including clasp, for the correct size.


Screen Shot 2563-12-09 at 14.40.59.png

make n happen necklaces are available in different sizes. 

To make it easy for you to find the size you are looking for we have created a visual to give you an idea of just how long the necklaces will be on you for a few examples. 

Length of necklace.png

NOTES:  The diagram is general guideline, as sizing and fit may vary from person to person.

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